We really appreciate your support. It's now been 7 years, successfully putting together workshops and events throughout Imperial AND SAN DIEGO COUNTIES. OUR WORK in the classroom, promoting the arts, and helping to re-introduce the arts and creative problem solving back in education IS A MISSION WORTH CONTINUING. WITHOUT DONORS LIKE YOU, NONE OF THIS WOULD BE POSSIBLE.


Our board of directors and team of volunteers have worked hard and donated 100's of hours fundraising through events and online efforts - we cannot do it alone, we need your help. As you know we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and depend heavily on private funding and community donations. Every dollar that we raise and is donated to our foundation goes towards the purchases of art supplies for our YOUTH, helps fund our year-around free workshops, and helps fund our classroom art workshop visits and in-house teacher art programs. 


Donating to our foundation is easy and fast. Click on the "DONATE" button and make a donation in any amount POSSIBLE. All donations will receive a foundation receipt that may be used and deducted from your taxes.


Thank you!